The Showing Process

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Showings play a vital role in selling your home. Much like test driving a car, home buyers want to review every aspect of a home before purchasing it to make sure it fits their needs. At times it may feel like an invasion of privacy because strangers will come into your home, open your closets and cabinets, and poke around. They will criticize a place that has probably become more than just four walls and a roof to you, and, to top it all off, they will offer you less money than you think your home is worth.

It’s easy to get emotional about selling your home. Once you decide to sell your home, try to start thinking of yourself as a business person rather than a homeowner. By looking at the transaction from a purely financial perspective, you’ll distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling the property.

Staging the home and keeping it show ready needs to be your primary focus. The home needs to be clean and smell nice to attract buyers. It’s important to take the trash out and remove any dirty laundry before showings. Curb appeal is very important as is the condition of the home’s interior. Most buyers will only view the home one time so a good first impression is vital.

Your home must be available for showings when buyers want to view it. We will notify you of all showings ahead of time and will provide as much notice as possible. Please remember that some buyers drive around looking at neighborhoods so it’s possible they will drive past your home, see the for sale sign and call for an immediate showing. We try to discourage this type of showing, but that buyer may not want to wait and that buyer just may be the one who will purchase your home. 

For owner-occupants, we recommend that you are not home at the time of showings and that you remove any pets from the home as well.