Realtor or FSBO

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Hey there! Welcome to The Weaver Group Realty – your friendly neighborhood real estate experts. We’re thrilled to journey with you in your property transactions. Let’s talk about the big question: to sell your home by yourself, or team up with us, what do you think?

Go-it-alone selling – or For Sale By Owner (FSBO) – can seem appealing, but let’s not rush into things. Here are some perks of having us on your side:

  1. We know our way around pricing: Our real estate savvy gives us access to a ton of sales history and listing data. Want your home priced right? We’re the ones for the job.
  2. Market know-how: We can advise you on pricing strategies based on the current market scenario.
  3. Our marketing muscle reaches far and wide, putting your home in front of a whole multitude of potential buyers.
  4. Want to preview your probable closing costs and proceeds? We’ll show you via a Net Sheet.
  5. We put your safety first. You won’t have to risk welcoming strangers into your home; we’ll schedule and accompany viewings.
  6. We’ll ensure your eager buyers are actually capable of buying your home, steering clear of false hopes.
  7. We’re in this with you, every step of the way, from the first agreement to the last document.
  8. Our paperwork is legally binding and up-to-date – so you aren’t taking any risks.

Sure, you might save on a realtor’s commission going FSBO (ours typically ranges from 2-6% of the selling price), but weigh that against the risks, time, and effort you’d have to put in. Wanna play safe?

What Makes a Good Agent.

And while we’re talking about safety, let’s chat about what makes a good agent.

  1. Education is key. We’ve studied hard, we know our stuff, and we keep learning. That’s why we’re among the top agents in your area.
  2. Experience matters. We’ve spent years selling homes just like yours, right in your neighborhood. We are full-time real estate agents, always on hand to answer your questions, even on evenings and weekends.
  3. Do we click? It’s important for you and your agent to see eye-to-eye. We’re patient listeners, we’re here to clarify your doubts and understand your unique needs. At the end of the day, we’re partners in this exciting journey.

Trust is earned, and we’ve proudly earned it from our repeat customers and referrals. And hey, if you change your mind, you’re free to cancel the listing agreement at any time – not something all brokerages let you do, by the way!

So, let’s make the right choice together. We’re all ears!