The Listing Process

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Prepare you Home for Listing – 

Before we can list your home for sale, you will need to make sure it is marketable and ready to be shown. During our Listing Appointment and initial walkthrough of your home, we will offer suggestions to assist you in order to maximize your home’s potential to sell.


  • Give your entry a facelift with a new front door or fresh paint
  • Landscape your yard to show Buyers the home was taken care of
  • Make sure all exterior lights are working
  • Wash all windows (inside & out)
  • Clean out your garage
  • Remove lawn ornaments that you will take to your new home
  • Replace a worn-out welcome mat
  • Paint or replace the street numbers so they are visible
  • Power wash outdoor surfaces  such as siding, sidewalks, driveway, seawal
  • Plant some colorful flowers


  • A clean home appeals to buyers. Clean everything
  • Give every room a purpose. Don’t leave exercise equipment in the bedroom.
  • Let the light in. Bright rooms are inviting.
  • Fix anything that is broken. Buyers will notice and will offer less.
  • Declutter! Thin out your closets and pantries to maximize size.
  • Fresh paint and new flooring are attractive to Buyers.
  • Organize your kitchen. Store small appliances and clean all surfaces.
  • Make sure all doors and windows open & close smoothly.
  • Remove your personal photos and hide your valuables.
  • Neutralize the home by depersonalizing it.
  • Replace light bulbs and make sure all switches work.

Listing Agreement – 

Following the initial Listing Appointment, we will thoroughly analyze sales and listing data and run comps to determine a fair and competitive listing price. This information will be made available to you for review and discussion. Once we come to an agreement on a listing price and the terms of the agreement, we will prepare the Listing Agreement for signing. You are free to cancel this agreement at any time.

Disclosures – 

You will complete a set of Seller’s Disclosures and other documents that need to be made available to buyers. Florida law requires a Seller of a home to disclose to the Buyer all known facts that materially affect the value of the property being sold and that are not readily observable or known by the Buyer. 

Documents – 

It will be helpful if you can provide copies of documents that will assist us in selling your home. This may include but is not limited to a survey, elevation certificate, declaration page from homeowners and flood insurance, list of improvements made, warranties, pest control contract, HOA/Community documents and any other pertinent information you have. 

Photos –

Once the listing agreement is signed, we will schedule a professional photographer to photograph the interior and exterior of the home, including a virtual walkthrough tour, aerial photos and drone video. When the photos are returned in about two days, we will be ready to place signs and activate your listing. During this time, we will need to access the home to take room measurements

Electronic Lockbox – 

Before the listing goes live, we will need 2 keys to the home. One will be placed in an electronic lockbox to give Realtors access to the home for showings. Use of an electronic lockbox is recommended because it records who enters the property and when they enter. It also triggers an automatic email requesting feedback. You will receive showing feedback by email. The second key will be kept in our locked keybox at the office 

Going Live – 

We will provide you with a copy of your new listing. Please review it for accuracy and let us know right away if you want any changes to be made. Be sure to review the photos and virtual tour as well. We have one shot at making a good first impression with Realtors and Buyers so we want to make sure your listing stands out and is the best it can be.