The Closing Process

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The closing agent will contact all parties to make signing arrangements for the closing documents This can either be done in person or remotely. You can receive your proceeds either by wire to the account of your choice or in the form of a paper check. At least 3 days prior to closing, the buyer’s lender is required to provide the buyer with a Closing Disclosure detailing the terms of their mortgage loan. At the same time, the lender will provide its lender package to the closing agent for reconciliation with their simplified Closing Disclosure. Once the two are reconciled, a copy of the Closing Disclosure will be provided by the Closing Agent to you for review. It will provide details of the closing costs to be paid by each party and will show the amount due from the buyer as well as the amount due to the seller. 

You will want to contact the utility companies and schedule your final readings effective the day of closing. The buyer will also contact the utility companies and schedule them to be put into their name effective the day of closing.

The buyer(s) will usually do a Final Walkthrough either the day before closing or the day of closing. The house should be clean and you should have removed all of your personal items and left only those items that were agreed to in the contract. Please be sure to leave all manuals and warranties at the house for the buyer. You will also need to either take all of the keys and garage door remotes to closing with you or make arrangements to have them left at the house for the buyer. 

Once all documents are signed and notarized and funding has been received, the file will be closed and you will receive your funds.